Soul Town

I find it very funny that I, who has none whatsoever belief in god, ... that I have such a strong belief in soul.

maybe the next decade in Philly can be the soul years, that way it sorta bypasses but still lets you believe in and belong to what ever gobbliey-gook religious club you want to. 

for me good bread, beer, coffee, local food, music, wife, friends, animals, nature, this old city... and
Cyclocross feeds my soul.

its as simple as doing a Open Workout, Grass Track racing being the current case, where anyone and whoever wants to swing their leg over the saddle can join in a pedal along.

I've been trying to grow, which is cool, and my new growth is photo/video.   Yeah its the field I work in, but I'm a grip, a tool, a minion.  I am at others disposal's to help create.  I do enjoy the role.

I've weeded out and sold all I can from the shed.  I've placed numerous orders to B&H photo, camera, lens, mini hd, bags, batteries, rigs,... with still more on the list.

Its funny to be sitting down, and to be learning something again.   and I really have to say, its been quite cool to have this new spark.
and at this point in my life, I don't have much fear of failure, (being a freelancer, everyday is a concern about when and where my next job comes from) .   I'm eager to test, to daydream about ideas, technique, soul...

making a 28mm tilt and shift lens

I think that the blog was the first step for me, to start me thinking, blogging is not so important to me now, and I don't spend much time thinking about stuff to write about, to post.

the 28mm is a bit different than the 50mm tilt and shift, but not much

as I said earlier Grass track started Monday

and the big tree in the background, now watches over us, happy we moved from Blue Bell Park
to the top of Belmont Plateau.

Its rare, but once in awhile I come across some photos, that are cool in there own, but also tell a story, that's the hardest thing about photography, a cool photo, and a story, a soul, bringing something more to you than hipstamatic eye candy.

Cheers, d.


Anonymous said...

Like the last shot on your last post.

That tree in it's solitude, speaking volumes.

**sTinKfOot** said...

Soul is good, Cheers to new sparks.