I stopped by the shop today, to pick up #1 crossbike
George is a good friend, and works at the shop
and reads into it as and should be needed.
asked if my FU's I gave in the last post were because I was pissed, or Off
Nah, it was supposed to be more like a snicker
a letting a bit of air out, a fart

job location today was one of those scuzzy ball fairs

I'm surprised they still appear

but I do got to say that they make it easy to feel good about you picture taking skills
you can't take a bad pic at a scuzzy ball fair

I forgot to tell you
on my trip
to Normal, IL.
we went bowling
I rolled a 204

and at the shoot location, a burn site, a hole was cut to be a vent, we had interviews and such to do, but I snuck into the sunlight, coming down the air shaft, and Mr. T. Stewart captured a nice frame, of the light landing on my face.

and it just rolls on, getting a bit away from me, and things seem to be,... changing, but who knows.

I like at my age, almost 50 and most talk about how being older is slowing them down, and all I can think, is that, there are so many faster older guys than me, that I'm really pretty far from my potential, umm... I'm not close to my max, so I can't be really losing anything, yet.   Plenty of Potential, plenty.

cheers, d.

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