Red Eye

ah its the end of August.  Sept starts with a bunch of racing, a early singe, so this bubbly joy, I'm inhaling it deep, pulling it all down into my lungs.  How I feel now, well that's not going to last all this season.   I do feel a high, maybe just the glue fumes.   The racing, it'll be full of ups and downs.

a Monday in August: Cyclocross Grass Track Racing from David Lowe on Vimeo.

Since PBR no longer sponsors the team, I'll be drinking Tecate as my racing beer.    No pbr hand-ups, Tacate is the new PBR for me, got it?!

Tecate by Tom Sanford

somehow I've got my head screwed on a bit better this year, the moods good, the legs jumpy,... yep I might have one olde mean looking red eye, but that's just keeping me nasty a bit.

I like in the grass track video, when I pass M. Featherman on the inside (1'41"), you see my shadow, elbowed a hole for me,...oh I must be more careful.   Cheers!  dlowe. 

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Keanan said...

great video. You should do some of the Wednesday nights!
maybe I'll run into you out there - a fellow CXer and photographer.