back to racing.
11th both days, a bit on the downside of how I wanted to finish.
thought maybe 7-15th was how I was running right now
so my results are plopped right in the middle

11th makes a very good motivation to train and eat right

(the shoe stuffed and drying)

two days at Nittany
wet, a real nice way to start the season
some mud bogs
good corners
and fast racers

needed some mud tires, grab the pair of Clement clinchers from the shop
the Crusade pdx's
 Its been a while since I have raced on clinchers, but there were only a couple of places to pinch on the course, and I loved how the tires worked in the mud at Wednesday nights cross practice, so I went with them.
Very nice,   not a lot of tread, they felt to be rolling fast, the rubber compound is a bit pliable, soft.
I don't think they will wear to well, but I only want to use them in the mud.
and in the mud,  they float where you aim them, a bit of a abandon in them, but if you make them bite, they steer quite well.
When I can, I'll get the tubular version.

got some aluminium cogs too, and they seem to running great, I don't know, I've always felt that they were sharper and slippery than the plastic. 
In my mind they stay cleaner, and chop and expel grass better.
they seem a bit hard to come by,
but I found 'em at a mega-bike web site for a good price.

It was a fun weekend, and it is great to be battling my 45+ foes again, and a bonus this year, our own race.
and as Always, nice to share beers, heckle a bit, encourage a lot, work the pit, congratulate and commiserate      ....  its nice to be racing cross again.

Cheers!  david.

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