at most cross races I just set out the tool box, and I'm OK with, others, using what they need.

 over the last couple of years I would consider myself to be lucky, in that I've not lost a tool

 its time for me to get a new box, this one sorta busting out
and I'll think I'll throw on a "luggage" lock
just to prevent a tool not making it back

 after picking up trash and such around the tent, I was putting the box back together
and found I was short one 5mm allen

 and that was it

 I don't really care about that tool,

and it was fun to go through the tool box and see whats been riding with me to the races.

but, ... um,.... who takes a tool, uses it to do a tweak or repair,
and does not put the tool back.

Cheers, d.

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**sTinKfOot** said...

A lock?? Why forsake all those secret users you have unwittingly helped? Over a 5mm allen? That's a pretty good help/loss ratio. Don't give up faith in tools and man, man! Maybe you left the 5mm in the pebbles...