Banger and Crashed

Two days of racing at Charm City,  mmmm, charm, don't know about this city of Baltimore,
If I made a charm city bracelet, it'd have little charms of hookers, trash, gravestones, and potholes hanging off of it.  Just what I saw a lot of to and from our hotel.

I like the "charm" of the city, not quite sure if I'd make it my home, but then again, all I've seen of this town is its Certain Charms.

The racing, as always a great two days, a great venue, course lay out, and well run.

Me, I'm coming around, a nice 9th on day one, and day two,  felt great, sitting second for most of the first lap, then into lap 2 I took myself outta the top 8 with a crash, and on lap 3 I took myself all the way back to 15th with another crash.  I drove myself to a snot drooling brink trying to fight my way back to my carrots.  Ended up 12th. 
not happy to be crashing, popping like a Banger,
but it does feel nice to have some pep in the legs.

I took my cameras with a lot of intent

only manged to do a little time with click, and no video
but figured a bit out,
                gotta say Ms. UK'er,... Helen Wyman has kicked some MAC ass on this racing visit   riding away from everyone at every race.  Liked to see how she'd do against the tip top US women.  It's cool that racers atr flying over here to race.

Had a great meal at Johnny Rads.

these guys,  my travel mates for the trip to Charm City.   Made my weekend a good one.   Our time off the bikes was full of interesting talk, humor, beer drinking and racing support.      plus,  oh yeah, we saw a real hot hooker on the corner Sunday morning on our way to Starbucks.

a miss and mash post for ya, but, again, a real nice weekend, all round. cheers, D.

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