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I like the days where my schedule for on the bike says "light spin".    I just pedal about, wide-eyed, not huffing and puffing, going back to revisit whatever might of been caught outta the side of my eyes during a workout.

I had planed to pedal a bit more, but it was quite blustery, and it would never stop spatting rain, so, I only adventured as far as the top of the plateau.

the marks of the courses are burned into the grass
from the past few Wednesday Nights Workouts.

Lots of riders are showing up, and at times, getting everyone pointing in the right direction, and stopping the lip flapping, and bike pedaling, and doing whatcha came to do is, ...
a delightful byproduct of a good scene.

I have not been riding cross that long.
My Wednesdays workouts were lead by Mr. Yozell.
He's got a keen spark in the eye, and,
I stood, early and quiet, trying to blend in,
I felt lucky, and a bit in awe.
and I pedaled as hard as I could.

Leadership, respect, a good teacher, cool traits to learn,
and I wish I would of watched and picked-up more from Mike.

Cheers, d.

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Hitchco said...

Mike is and always will be a gentleman.