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I've started my fall cyclocross training campaign,  and if I've learned anything in my few years its that you have got to be truthful with yourself about your weakness's to make any improvement.   I've worked hard on the road bike, watching, following, but on the cross bike, I've got plenty more to learn.  
and Mr. Tilford's post about descending, it crosses over to cross, technique matters.  During the TdF I watched Mr. Voeckler descend, pretty good, so I watched what he's doing.  on a right turn he slides his hips back just a bit to the left, and pushes down with the outter leg, the inside knee just out a bit, driving the weight of his body perpendicular to the ground, not leaning as much, and pushing the bike under-neath himself as much as needed to steer.   I ponder this know in the mud, in a corner, you want to drive the bike down into the ground, not angled, get the most out of the tire top and tread.  

so another thing to work on.

cheers, d.    

good reads:

early on today,  during my mountain bike ride, I caught an "invasive" weed in the clip of my shoes.  It did the ride with me, and I planted it my front yard.

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