faux natty - Ride of the Valkyries


Boris, Red Fang, Boulder, Mudhoney, the Germs, Iggy's Raw Power, Fang Island, music to train to.  This year, on my first cross training ride I went deep.   I was looking for a new power, a new soaring, a new...mellow/zone... so where'd I go. 

deep, phony deep, just as a lark, to Richard Wagner, sorta joke at first, but then I had enough for some long rides loaded into the new mp3 player.  The old one's died,  it fried when I plugged the wrong charger into it and heat freaked it out.   Here's the new one.... the old one, I miss, mirrored finish, ... so long friend...

Beady Eye, yep, I'm an Oasis's fan, first song that came up from random.

Wagner is working out fine, I am not a classics fan, and a very tarded when it comes to know anything about it.

so I just hunted and pecked and plucked.
put it in the player and pedaled away today. 

a bit of dread, dreaminess, anger, attack....   perfect, just perfect.  

the other night bill Callahan was encapsulating

and work, was hot, and cool

redemption through love, d.

and bill

writing is tough to do well, shit