fuzzy blur

for me, I need that looseness
sometimes blurred
living outside the lines
sending my effervesces everywhere,
I'm a gas

 the crit yesterday, I knew my tire was a bit bald
and that the drizzle proceeding the race
would make it not grip
I was fine with it
the corners where wide
wider than the speeds
I would need to make it let go
not to say it didn't get a bit squirrelly

tonight Ljiljana's watering the plants, its quite on our street, and we're staying in away from the 4th's crowds.  Today's ride, much like any other ride, and why I train and race, to have legs to pedal with good folks when I get a chance.   I don't know all the names, I'm not good with names, I could say the guy with no climbing legs, or the dude who went way over the bars.  Marc V. lead us around the fairhills, and I sat on Dennis Smith's wheel and had a real nice chat, cept on the longer steeper climbs, we all got quite.   I have not been turning the pages of Dennis's Cyclocross calender, it was left on May.  The last time I rode the trainer in the room in which it hangs.   I sat down and paged again through the photos, the excellent photos,  I have a lot to learn.  I wonder what my photos of cyclocross will look like?   and I can't wait to take them de.'s riders out on my trails up here.  cheers, d.


**sTinKfOot** said...

You're a gas?...or just gassy??
What, my friend, were you drinking in your classy photo??

~Your friend, the needle nicknamer...

d.lowe said...

check out the day older post:

always trying to drink something better, cheers, needle nicknamer