Flex my brain.

I hit the gas out of the grid and wanted to move forward,  I was in the top 5 and the first sweeping corner,  I pick an awful line, and slide into the ground, my head dragging a good golf tee- off size of sod up.

I was off my group,  I got up, on the bike, and went hard, got back onto the 2nd group, moved through the group, and drove it for a bit.   Keeping a strong line in a corner I wanted, and keeping.

I can't remember,  how or the chronological order of all the events,  but somehow, in the next 35 minutes I was able to taste dirt a number of more times.   Hot into a stake, my bars a few inches off the line, and down.   A clip of the pedal into the sod.  A stall exiting the short but deep sand pit.

                             our group was big today,  I could of gone from 6th to 14th, I got 14th

I read a good book,  about the Wright Bros.  recently.   written by David Mccullough.  An excellent read.   It took them a number of years, of thinking and trying.  Often a successful experiment, was a failure at "flight",   but they had the mindset to expect and learn from the failures.  That they had to fail,  and most likely fail often, to learn.  They did,  So that's how I took today.
Get back on the bike, straighten the shifters, focus, and go hard.

Part of racing cross for me, and I say it often, I want my foes to be their best. I want to race against national champs.   I've watched the battles,  and the mindsets.  Its time,  I want to make the move up to the back of that group, the fast group at the front.  Our group is great,  the battles are intense, really physically and mentally taxing.
That's great, we all should be getting faster, from our tough battles.  I want that gap to close, that the mix up front, becomes bigger,  and that the best, on the tippy top,  themselves have to get better.

                                                         a beauty of a day at the park

I left the race early today,  I enjoyed the course, helping to put on the race, but off to work.
...and the next couple of weeks are busy.  so  maybe, it will be more,  a bit of mental training, than physical training.  I will be looking  back at each race this year,  look at my mindset, what I wanted, and what I got, and how I did.  and what did I want to, need to improve on.    I won't get the chance to ride as much, so I'll flex my brain.

Thanks for pushing me so hard foes,  I heartily apologize if I mess ya up a bit in my crashing.

More cross please!

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