I was driving home from setting up our course today, thinking about...thinking about the course.   I'm a happy team minion.  Happy to be on a swell team.    Happy to rake and shovel and make the Gorilla again.

Its a nice day, a bit of jest, bit of work, its pretty nice cause everybody, gets to do a bit.  There is a high standard.  I feel it, even at my minion level.  Putting in stakes, riding, taping, moving stakes, riding, moving stakes, ....seems better,  better?  Best?  

I've enjoyed the banter on "good" course "bad" course.   only time tells.

A brief bit of pre-riding,  I got some hot lap time in on Mike Festa's wheel.  A tad faster than my comfortable level, I felt good, dropping gears, tape to tape-ing.   Up off the saddle pounding, braking, over the log,  sweep, sweep, pedal, up,  nosing rude a bit to his back wheel.  Braking. 

I blew and moved outta the way.   

I really look forward to tomorrow.  

A good start, move to the front six. Hold tight, Holding tight, and staying put.  I'd love a 5th place finish.   

Who knows?

Cheers!  Race your f'n hearts out.  dlowe. 

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