I took the advice of one of my foes, and did not double up racing this weekend, it was good advice.  Even though I had signed up to race HPCX Saturday, I got a phone call on Friday, to check out a studio spot on Saturday.  I made the appointment and bagged racing HPCX.

I'm not on friendly terms with HPCX,  nothing bad,  I've just never had a good day there.
Saturday I slept in, .....and looked and toured a cool old building, heard some old interesting history bits, and maybe have a studio space lined up for the near future.

Sunday and I was back to racing.
I love West Chester CX.
Its a field course,  done up all nice and right.
I've done my best this year, some big good races and efforts,   and am riding above my level.  and mentally and physically in a bit of a need for a short breath.

What I got Sunday,
It was another Deluxx sandwich.   A term I heard shouted out at us as we rode by the pits.
Mr. Dennis Smith said, something like....  "oh shit where's my camera", ...  but a short bit later as we passed back the backside on the return pass of the pits... He shouted out  ... yer in a "Deluxx Sandwich"!!!  dlowe!
Our group of 4, Deluxx team rider John Lux,  then Nils Johan Anestad, Me, and Deluxx team rider Marc Vettori..   Our group of four were the back end of top ten.  

Luxy, laid down the tempo,  and its good he put the suffern down on the group, cause he kept us in front of those chasing the top ten.
       I'd be nowhere without the photos of Dennis Smith - photo: d. Smith

I'd tried a couple of moves, Luxy made sure he'd put me back in place.   I'd have to bomb the tape and save every pedal stroke to stay on.  I attacked late in the game to try and shake off the dangling, chasing, Deluxx rider Marc Vettori.
      photo: d. Smith

but in the end a surprise strong move,  a late, N. J. Anestad attack,  and he won the group battle.
Lux next,  me,  with a 10th place finish , and off back just a bit Marc.  The "Deluxx Sandwich"

The ride of the day,  the sprig of honor,  I must bestow on Lee Rodgers,  I fear the day when he acquires the confidence/fitness to ride hard.   He had a back of the grid start, and shot up the dirt around the melee for a great start.  A great bike handler, a strong willed competitor, he seems a natural CX'er.
                                        photo: Bob Wellmon

Mid season, so far so excellent.   Time for a few deep breaths, change the brake pads, and come back and kick some ass,   have some more fun,  learn a bit more, and I don't mind so much being caught in the Deluxx Sandwich.

cheers,  dlowe

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