behind the Stoudt's brewery,   the kegs are piled high.  Further back, the bowl of land,
that is right up to the property line.  That's where we raced.   This is the mid-point to my season. I took off racing yesterday, and did not ride much during the week.   and I'll take it easy this week also.
November is 3 double weekends,  some good December races,  and Nationals.

"what's in the keg?"

This one, Stoudts, its an ok one, ...but... if you make a corner 10' different it'd be a better one.  It's one where once they get it perfect, don't ever change it.

I like being an old man racer.   and its a good year to be one around here.  Good battles, deep.  I don't see any of us old fucks, pulling the plug cause its getting cold, or we're ridden out.

Nope I've gotta a feeling, it'll be like this till the end.

Yo, where's the next kegger?

today, a flat and 17th.
Cheers!  dlowe

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