photos: Cassie Fetzer

I called in for a favor, got replaced on a job, and made my way out to Pittsburgh to see family, and to race.  The Pro Bike Cyclo-Cross Festival.
Its been a long while since I've been on a podium, and even then, ago, it was not so often.  I was able to crush myself both days, really able to go hard, and smart.  I felt I  finished where I should,  having some nice good laps both days.  Day two, I came home with a 2nd place 50+ PA  medal.  Day one, I won a sprint on my throw at the line, for pride, and I was 3rd in my group.

                                    photo: M. DiLauro

The course was a tad on the short side,  all the better for me,  I found a good rhythm, in the laps and between the gnarly sections and the lung busters.   A real good one.  I'd do again for sure.

I stayed about 30 minutes from the course, at my Mom and stepfather Michael's place.  Perfect. Good home cooked meals, reading the paper, gossiping, a few beers, catching up,  A nice four nights of sleeping  in my great-grand parents old cast iron bed.  The train came by late every night,  pretty far from the house, but it made some rattles, and dense, deep, good sleep tones.

On Monday,  my mom and I made the trip over to Cleveland, to see my step-grandfather,  he is a strong man, a true character, hard, sweet, tough,  and at the dawning days.  Its hard, this old age stuff, for me, and new to me,  but my mom was great, and she pushed his wheel  chair out for a long tour of the building.   I gave him a good handshake, and a we went on our way.

To my father-in-laws.  He took us out to a small place, close by, and after a long chat, some hugs, my mom and I were on our way back to Pittsburgh.  I left for home this morning, the drive was easy, the traffic light.  

Thursday, Thanksgiving its just my wife and I,  and that's ok, I think I learned a long time ago, take it when I get it, and when I get it, cherish it.

one fine weekend.
Cheers, dlowe.

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