New Socks

Its strange not to have a race this weekend.  This last week I put the "emo" thoughts, the prep mind-set, and all the pre-race routines to rest.  I trained, and rode, on my mtbike,  the road bike, the SScx.
I closed the window on last weekends racing tight.  Shut it out, and pulled the blind down, the curtains closed.

                                  photo: Jude Vilain

I don't race mtbike, haven't in a couple of years.  I try to keep my chops up on it.  I always want to be competent enough on it, to hang on a good group ride.   Seems that around here, whatever type of cyclist you are, pro to joe, you dig out your mtbike and ride it with a bunch of hacks on Thanksgiving.  I did the local, just 9 minutes from our house.  Bombed down the Plateau hill,  right dab into the waiting group.  Ha!  Like opening the door to a locals bar, all the heads turned, ...a couple of faces I knew, here I was, the outsider.  Nice!

I don't have a current mountain biker button.  Not sure I ever had one.

On the  ride I stayed on the back, sweeping a bit, quietly, at the route suggestion stops, I kept my mouth shut.  I didn't push the pace, or rile it up,  just enjoyed it......  well coming back on Bowfinger I did hammer it....

At the end of the ride, the hang out time,  I poached a beer from Jude,  I cracked the can, and tried to tap each rider in toast,  to greet with respect, to thank them,, being,  the new-ish guy.  The CXer, the roadie, the whatever I am...

one ride doesn't earn me anything, I try, to think, to earn it, every ride,  Around here, the community is deep, experienced, giving.   I had a great time on the ride.

This week, I have eaten a ton, enjoyed the days off work, a few beers, movies, pal-ing around with the wife, hanging with our 6 cats, reading the paper, and a bit of yard work.

Today I pulled on my new socks, hopped on the cx bike,  the race bike.  To train.
Into the mind, again, of a cyclocross racer.

I love 'em,  and wear them proud! 

I can't wait to get back at,  racing, all the usual suspects.  Again I say "More CX Please!"                                      


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