After the two days of racing, Riverton and West Chester, I sat on the curb and enjoyed a Tastykake.

The two days were quite different for me, how I felt after the race.   Saturday, my first time doing the Riverton race.   A super cool venue,  with its own, good,  quality of course, I left grumpy.  I had one of my better, if not, best,  days on the bike,  that my fitness, that I was faster than normal,

on the way home....
I sat at the yummy Rice and Noddles, and had to force a smile to the pleasant waitress.   and the food is always good, a really super bowl of soup,  no matter, and despite whatever the race I do out toward Lancaster leaves me.

Riverton I rode well, and really smart, used secret lines, rode my race, worked hard to the max and was sitting a very sweet 5th, in a battle with a new foe  Joe  Bothell  and I worked it good, to keep Jeff Miesemer behind me.  Till......

I got a bit fancy on the off camber line and biffed into the stake, on the last lap,... Jeff got by,  I slunk out and...
then Luxxy,  riding well, just passed, and I got on his wheel, he just road me off, and took it from me.
It was all in all,  after thought, a very good race for me, and a great 7th place finish on the day.
but, I left unsatisfied, miffed about the biff.

Today at West Chester,  I wanted to continue in that good direction.  Make it up a bit.  I was not to good at it, losing my edge a couple of times, falling back in the field, wanted to quit, but kept going.

I saw Luxxy and Bothell sorta far away, off in front of me, and set my mind to reeling them in.  got back into it, saw stars, kept the bike up, cornered better, got close, but didn't catch them.  13th.  That finish,  while I sat in the sun, eating my cake, that left me feeling good,

Me, if I have a good/bad day on the bike I have soup.
and, if it's a bad/good day, Tastykake.

I do wonder what I will be eating after next weekends racing?

alas, in the end, next Sunday,  I will bring some beer for after Limekiln CX,
Its the last local race, stop by my car, and,  that's it, tell your tales, share you bitching, and enjoy a beer.

Cheers,  dlowe

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