crit racing 2015 -  photo: Annette Weaver

I think,  that I am a better crit racer than cross racer.  

I hear once in a while, that, racing is to serious.
Last weekend, was a well needed, late season, gap in the whole racing calendar hole filler, do what you want/need cross race.   I took a back in the pack start, to force myself to work-up.  I figured out to make myself attack after the run up,  to keep up or push my pace a bit,  because,  maybe I'll need that mind set at Nationals.

Not a huge field,  but it was large enough, and going fast, hard enough, to get the work I wanted from it.  I waited till the rush of off the line settled in, and went then, when It was forming into groups.  It worked nice,   I got by a bunch,  didn't blow up,  and got a good, real good effort in.
I did not get up to the front, by any means,  for some reason, I'm a bit off the front, my lap times, are longer, I'm not as fast,

I look forward to getting back into the crit racing,  and have not done any tight fast group riding since going down.

I look forward to getting up early Tuesday mornings and doing the East Park Sprints.
The Great Valley 30 on Thursdays.

The effort, hard breathing, pushing on,... inside me,  there is a man, a wee little man,  smiling, laughing,  getting the biggest kick out of what he is doing.

Post race, end of local season.  Masters.

I have fun racing,  I love it.  I hope to do some Mtbike racing a bit more,  lots of crits.  and I hope, to be at CX Nationals, when I am 80 years old.  Fighting to be the champion.   It might take me that long to figure this cross stuff out.

Onward Hoe!  to Asheville we go.

Cheers,  dlowe

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