When I sit and eat my pretzel in Phoenixville, I look up at the old building across the street- Across the top of it "Independent Order of Odd Fellows"  I figure I belong and bought my button.

This one is special,  It is a rare pit pass, from the last UCI Granogue cx race. 

Unused gear.

The little holiday tree.

A great ride,  100 miles of N.E.  PA

This years medal I won at PA CX States. 

I used to race Mtbikes.

I get this brilliant idea this holiday season,  I've always wondered what to do with the knick-nac,
trinkets, small bits, the shiny tidbits.   They end up in the key drawer, the drawer of the night stand, in the bottom of a box of junk in the attic.   I rummaged around and with some help from my wife,  I choose a few, and made them into ornaments, for our little tree.

Today,  I feel it,  that bubbly energy, that energy that only comes before a weekend of racing.   It looks  to be a good one, Saturday, a new course to race, and Sunday is deep, just to aim for a 15th place finish, that'd be something!

Cheers!  dlowe

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