tough love

This is my favorite course, Fair Hill.

                                                                   good corners

Its one that makes me a better cross racer.  This race,  it is  what I love to do.   Be pushed to my limits,  having to think, to bike handle, and to dig deep on my pedal strokes.  I did not have my best race, fumbling for the first lap, gapped between the group pulling away and the group seeing me as chum.

I raced hard, I found good lines, I held it up when it was braking loose.

It came down to a group of 4,  me sitting 3rd wheel into the final turns, and I had a need to be at the front.  I took a clean wider line and stole the corner.    And had the three on my wheel,  we hit the gravel road to the line and I died,  as the first on my wheel came around, and I gave up a bit more, and the 3rd blew by, and then at the line the 4th, easily got me.

You know, at this time, I've got to self coach here,  ...with a red face texas high school football coach scream,  I need to yell at myself,  "what the F' were you doing out there?, gave it up,  you let me down, you let them down,  now live with it".   

In all earnest,  I loved the race,  and mostly gave it my all,  
its a great course,  and Fair Hill taught me an important lesson.  

Cheers, dlowe.

     photo Bill White:  The Sprint.

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CZ Mike said...

Fat Marc shared your comments with me. As promoter its a less intense but perhaps more grueling race to put on a race like Fair Hill than what you experienced in 40+ minutes yesterday, but its where I get my satisfaction when it works well. Knowing it will likely be poorly attended compared to many others events, and therefore a financial risk despite almost unanimously glowing reviews, I struggle every year- do we put in the effort again next year? Comments like yours keep us going, so be sure to bring all your friends next year so we can keep this one alive and perhaps even thriving. Knowing you had a great experience makes my morning!