did'nt notice

lucky to jump right back into working, being freelance this time of year can be slow.
back on my 10"x12"x20" throne.

some Rollins, from The End of Silence demos, Obscene.

today's ride, started out in Fairmount, west park
noodling about to warm up for early in the year intervals; big ringers

the "Tree of Concern" memorial, um the tree is gone, cut down, and I like the touch of an empty 40oz'er to really bring it all together, this is Philly.

I did my laps around the dormant trees, on an old unused walk-way that goes nowhere, left over from the 1876 fair.

Its sorta normal to see cars parked around the remote edges of the park, I just ride by, trying not to notice.

Hit up the East park and out to the Wissahickon.  Coming back in on the tow path, I was looking over where Bob the Crane sits when its warmer, and a large bird, Crane? flew up, along side of me, from my left, his wings clapping just over my head. He lifted up in the air, and flew along.   Those brief seconds, I noticed.
cheers, d.

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Anonymous said...

Probably a Great Blue Heron. Regardless, it's a good time of the year to be outside.