in office

Its a cold day in Philadelphia, and I'm taking it easy, .....

another mp3 player, went red.

Had a good night out last night, a dinner with some good friends and our wives.


I've been spending more time in the office I've made upstairs.
Its in a room, a 2nd floor sunroom with a wall of windows.
The tree outside brushes against the screen in the wind.  and when it rains it sounds like a soft muffled drumming.

I've got art to frame and get up.
Its given me a place to work, with the tools I need at hand.

and a new shirt from the Welsh band Y Niwl

Dau by Y Niwl    from Soundcloud,  check 'em out.
I'm a bit under the weather, my body had no gas riding the SS yesterday @ the Wiss.
a really nice team ride, I'm on a new team this year, Philadelphia Ciclismo.
It was hard for me to leave HumanZoom, the only team/shop I've ever raced for.
but they are changing, and I was able to leave on very good terms.

So far I've found the new team,  very nice,  a great group, hard workers, humor, beers, ...making for some pleasant group rides.   I'm sorry I will miss tomorrows ride.
alas, I do look forward to the new seasons.

Cheers! d.

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