can of Worms

changed up the treads on my rims, pulled the crosstires off the Rev's rim and thumbed on my Bontrager Race X Lite Hardcase 23mm's, my winter road/dirt abuse tire on.

a great tire I've loved running.     

My wheels are the new Revolution Wheelworks 23mm wide clinchers.  

I'm not sure if it was the age of the old bontragers or the new wider width, but the first corner on my ride yesterday, I like to dive it, and in the apex, the front slid a bit.  Zoikes.  I did not end up sprawled across the road, but it did give me the espresso shot of adrenaline.   So I need to pick out new treads, or risk just getting new bontragers, maybe it was there age, and not the seam and little b's, making it let loose.  

Tires that's a good one to ask an opinion for,  everyone, everyone has a different favorite.  and what works for one, the perfect never flat, cheap, fast, long lasting,  and super supple one, is a piece of crap to the next guy.   I've got 4 windows open, looking at the different tire web sites,  think...?

cheers, d.


Eric said...

I've never ran the X Lite Hardcase before, they're comparable to the gatorskins I assume? Hard balance between flat resistance, weight, and grip for a winter training/commuting tire.

d.lowe said...

and I don't know if using a 23mm wide rim maters that much, in the mix.

denS said...

I jus go with the All weather Conti's. But I have always gone with Conti on the road...(what it's worth).
DL:I always forget to keep up w/your blog.Not that I keep up with much of anything regularly...dyslectic like that i am. It is the one of the best looking ones
around and nice content.)

d.lowe said...

thanx, hope to get down there soon for some mtbikin