The Rising Sun Armchair

one of the most beautiful nights of the year,  the sun was setting, and a couple of riders were out in a field, on the edge of a Philadelphia park.  riding on a rogue course.  it was hidden right there, the tracks from eye view, did not exist,  the tall grass just waved in the setting west sun.

we were asked to leave, and I was asked to do, something that I am piss poor at.   I'm not political, not at all talented in the tasks of diplomatic proceedings.   we left and worked with the city to find a new place.  We ended up on the edge of a soccer field.  It works.  but it does lack the beauty.

and I do appreciate and love beauty.

Today I got up early.
I went to do morning sprint workouts, on the loop of roads, and one runs by the field.  Where the sun set across riders practicing cx.
I was there early.  and looked about and I laughed and smiled as I looked at the tissues's covered
in jizz scattered about, the broken glass,  reflecting in the rising east sun.   along that field.

I am resilient, and the sprints felt good, and I felt odd, I have not done a "workout" in a while, but I do want to be faster, or just have to keep up a bit with the faster old men of cx this fall.

Philadelphia is a funny place,

and the field that we briefly trained in,  mud tracks, of auto treads,  must of recently been used as a parking lot.

to a setting sun, and the rising sun,   you know, like the chair in Independence Hall.

 Cheers, dl  (the rising sun armchair bit of info)

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