dirty socks


Its quite extended,  we all pedal, some of us shave our legs, and some don't.

                                       mr. m. featherman  by Jules Benson

some  are full of vinegar, maple syrup, strychnine, dynamite, or sardines.

and I don't care who I ride with, or what bike I ride on.

I know being pulled down the West River Drive yesterday, by Joesph Wentzell at nearly 30 mphs after 60 miles of riding,  that's crazy.

or Today, looking up from the back of the pack, up the switch back dirt, rock, steep climb, and seeing the blokes, d.Smith, and deleware folk just riding away, I know that's the right bike for the day.

I'm throwing all my wet muddy stuff into the wash.  Tomorrow when I wake,  down to Media, to ride the little ridden trails, with patriarchs of The Family.

   Cheers, david.

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