who is your dada?


my love for duchamp nevers, gasp, stutter, deflates.

"lobby Philadelphia Museum of Art"

I understand that most don't get the m. Duchamp, and it even makes me snicker that two (3*) of the his works at the Phila m of a, are reproductions, you know the rim mounted to the stool, and the above bottle rack.   What I get,  is the Duchamp's did not really follow anyone,  like Oldenburg's clothes pin and 3 way plug, the common, everyday brought new possibilities, when made into art.

The duchamps, the 3 bros. and one sister, all artist, would of been excellent cross racers.   sometimes it runs in the family.

next visit to the gallery, I'll get a pic of the porcelain urinal.  see if I can out do the stieglitz photo of the original.

this morning I got up real early, to enjoy some coffee with my wife, who was up for an early call.
I got out and did some work on the bike.
I was pedaling afterwards, when I came to, ...all the inbetween the finishing and start, ...hmmm, not quite sure, of where I was at, ..   is good.

best regards, your pal, dl

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