Unrequited Love

Always one of the favorite bikes,  the one keen and I am affectionate for, it's the one, a bit of a monster, cobbled, dented.  Really been well loved!
 It's the one, that, does not get respect, not loved enough,.   It's the one bike, that hangs on the wall, that the populace only tends to pull down for the trendy St. paddy-Pallooza-WCofWhateverYear.  Zonk!  My love the SSCX.

I don't like to be beat, I looked at the results......

beaten again by "Mister Vanderbacon" .  by 5 seconds,.... crushed, so close,  Loved!

I had a blast at Monkey Hill TT,   here is a great race report from Mister Vanderbacon:

Monkey Hill Time Trial (Wilmington Grand Prix)

I like the course, the loud volume of cheers, as I suffered onto  the top of the cobbled Monkey Hill.

and the cobbles, the wet corners, the speed, handling, the digging deep,
an excellent contest.

Cheers!  dlowe

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