I have to buy a new car,  I hate cars, I do, I hate the aggression, the isolation, the pollution.
I drive mine all the time.  and its worn out.
I drive it a lot.

                Easy day today, chilly, and the cx stead is the called to be pedaled. 

I got home and Richard Sachs's Socks had arrived. 
Socks, 4 sets, 
and more!

blogs, blogs, you've become an underground unrefined, unfiltered 
peaks and valleys of 
lots of words and pictures, 
and the ones I love, 
I nod along to, 
a lot of the others, 
I tolerate, 
but you know, there is a joy for me, in how much I can tolerate. 
the Good ones, gems, just human things, simple. 
bonus bits!

Cheers!  dlowe

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