Man of Steal

Brandywine Valley Roubaix

I've been going to the gym, now for about 3 or so months.
Goal, build up bone density, and more strength in the legs for cx in the fall.
I went Saturday, crushing myself, up-ing up it all, its fun, satisfying to hear the sound of the new plate slide down the bar, to increase the effort.

 The wind tore through, a good spring guster, Saturday night,  peeling riders off the start line, even I laid in bed Sunday, and needed that bonus impulse to go ride this ride.

My legs were made of steel.   Heavy, and each pedal stroke, a dozzie.  Roubaix's are excellent rides, I go to get lost, find a new friend, to survive.   I dropped off the front group of eager dogs, and was in a no mans land of wind and hills.   As my luck had it, I had good luck, and two lads were there for me.
A thanks to Matin Beels and Michael Hoffman.  They sheltered me from the wind, towed me up climbs, were cheery, and in no way made me feel like a anchor.  I was a laboring cow.

I had a grand time, got lost, missed turns, ate a couple of doughnuts on the top of a climb.  As much as I'll remember bits of the ride in the future, I'll also remember the good will, and riding with a couple of dudes.  Everyone ends up with a story,  mine, a fine one.

         each night, or afternoon, I'm getting a couple of LeDuff's tales of 90's NY in,
it's cool to be put into that time,  He does a fine job,  two or three couple page reads, Nice!

                       from Charles LeDuff's Work and Other Sins reproduced w.o. permission, Ha!
                           much like riding, poaching a bit,....

Cheers!  be strong, tow someone along, carry their weight, do the extra work.  Dlowe

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