This time of year the last couple of years I've been, not as fit, not as recovered, and not ready to race.

I've been not able to hold onto the group, drop off, and out of  races.

My legs felt good last Monday, Tuesday's e. Park Sprints, I had my way, and on my way Wednesday, riding out to meet Carlos and Jeff, to do a nice road spin, I saw Abe, a shiny Abe, 1 cent, on the ground, looking up.  I'm not superstitious, I try not to be, but I picked it up for luck.

I tried to stay in routines, I was nervous to race again.

My first finish in a few years, today,  at the Navy Yard Crit. 12th.  My first crit back, since crashing last year.
I was tense, I did my routines, routines are good, went through the process.  We raced in the rain, 6 corners, couple of real tight ones, couple of slide out crashes.   My mind was not totally in the zone.  I worked at it, held on.  Finished.

I put the penny in our change dish, Abe will go back out into circulation.

Cheers!  dlowe