Black Mountain Air

In the past I didn't restrain myself, I couldn't, at the  Great Valley 30 thursday night training crit.
Last night I wanted to ride on the crest of the wave,  in the front, around 15-20th.
Just hover.  Hold my place.

I parked next to Kelly in the lot, he had a treat for me, coffee beans, from the place we really enjoyed, the coffee they served, at the swell Over Easy Cafe while we stayed in Asheville for CX nats.

after this mornings pot, now all done: utility room cleaned, kitchen cleaned, blue tooth connected to stereo/laptop, house swept, floors mopped, trash out, recycle bins cleaned, books stacked, invoices sent, cats brushed,
streaming new Black Mountain album, it's good, bike shit all put away, fireplaced cleaned of ash, 
monday equipment work prep, cleaned some cabinets out, read all the post....awesome strong coffee!

I followed good wheels, and was being towed up to the establishing break, just right there, but pretty early with a lot of laps to go.  I sat up, and let it drift away,  not for me tonight.
I looked back over my shoulder,  man we got up the road quick, and was good and away.
I sat on the right of the yellow lines and waited for the pack.
Pulled out my belly board, and laid back in.  Stayed outta the white water, stayed up on the high peak, studying it, the ride, riders.  Kept my nose out of the wind.  Hurah! a first, I followed a plan.

buzzing along!  cheers,  dlowe

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