saw Liz Phair and the Smashing Pumpkins.  I haven't been to the thrift stores since the days of grunge,  saw a new place, It was swell, as always, I'll keep it's location secret, not that anybody, goes to thrift stores to by cardigan sweaters anymore.   Picked up a framed signed print for $5.
at the top of one climbs out at Valley forge, off on Horse Shoe Trail,  a right at the top of Diamond Rock, is a place I need to go,  I've ridden past it a bunch of times,  not till a visit to the Philly Museum of Art, and looking at the big old wood fireplace, it's Esherick's place.    and Belmont and me came to a deal,  and I'm happier riding there. 

I need to race.   Cheers!  dlowe

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