A bit of prep time on the cx bike today, not much of need, change of tire, wipe down, out for a ride to shake it all out, just prep for the Brandywine Valley Roubaix.  
The reg list is cool, full of friends, good cycling peeps,  this ride is a treat!

We shook it out, the bike and me,  not much talk, didn't take long, zip here and there, and onward we kept going.   We stopped by the river and the bike lazed in the sun on the little shells and warm sand.

"Yo, get up"  I squawked, We've got Horse Legs, Boyz II Men, Stony Stony lane, ahead.  I gave a little nudge, and we were on our way.

It feels good to ride with my friend, on the old trails again.

"Left here!" the bike said,  "I know", we turned up Nature Boy.

around the old reservoir, dropped into the Meadows behind the rec center.
Keeping a speedy click, jumping the rocks, knock out the turns cold.
and down the Monster.
Rolling down the Monster, with good speed, scattering the rocks, absorbing the bumps.
"did you fart?"  the bike said to me
We laughed, and did a big fish tail skid to a stall on to the Forbidden Drive.
Rolled down main st, full of strut.
The head wind, ffft, nothing at all.

See ya Sunday,  dlowe

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