good Charlie Southgate taught me the handshake,
maybe it was on one of the spring classics, in front of big Al's house where I picked it up.

Mid-ride photo, with Anthony, John and I.
           photo: Anthony Hennessy

I went to a bunch of bike shops, searching out where to buy my first bike,
finally I found a shop, and got a schwinn, a moab.
I broke that bike, broke lots of bikes and bits, lots of bike stuff I've busted up over the years.
Anthony was the one who sold me that  first bike, and we've been friends since.
and ride together,
The man who sold me my first bike, is a good bloke, good friend, big hearted folk.
           photo: Anthony Hennessy

I've prideded myself with trying to be a grand minion.
then it hit me in my head, right in the nose, a clean pop
I've settled in, glided, not doing enough, to stay honest.   Just cause I'm a minion, don't mean, ...
that I don't take chances, don't have to learn,... shit, of all the stupid shit I do on the bike,
at work, at times, I've been lulling myself, sitting a bit too comfortable.
to be the Best Minion, I have got to learn all the time, I've got to risk it,

   many times at work I love what I do, 
I am lucky
to have a good job, and work with good people

and if I get complacent, lackadaisical, 
lulled into feeling I'm competent enough,
Yo!  that's when I sink to the muck.
I am 
not doing my job, 
not an acceptable Minion

Readings been cool,  went from a fiction book about a Pulitzer prize news hound, to stories of Non-fiction book, writin by a Pulitzer prize winning bloke, not that you'd ever know cause he'd never bring it up. 



It's Sunday night.  Feeling pretty good, legs are tired.
got a couch awaiting,
got a swell wife
got a good book on the night stand.
F'n A

cheers, dlowe

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