#4 the Sign of the Beast

friday, laying in bed, thinking, before dozing off, I'm yearning for it,
got that need to mess it up, to compete, stir the cauldron,  maybe do one of them spring crits,
the Vino Velo, something spunk.

but I got out, Saturday, and went mountain biking,  by myself,  not going to hard, but, it's been a while and to me just riding a bit of Belmont then over to  the Wiss, takes a good bit outta me.

I want to let that beast sleep, take some deep breaths, and ride a bit, just ride some more.  Sunday I got out with friends.   I can keep the frisky bottled up a bit longer, that'd be good for me anyway.
I love the mtbike, I've forgotten how good it is to just ride with friends, always good, not much better than a ride with friends.   and there is always a bit of evil, jokes, pokes, prods, and a bit of frisky trail riding,

#4 is the sign of the beast today,
and our table marker,  for the toasted post ride bagels.   Today I was a Fucking Beast!

Cheers!  dlowe

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