What sets the mood?  Fairhill Cx 10, a really nice mood, a good race changed/added to the MAC mix.    Moved from the traditional horse rink to a new plot of land.   The course was laid out nice, and took advantage of the personalities of the grounds, off cambers, table top, long slogging up hill grass, greasy corners.   For a first time running, who knows how something is really gonna flow till you've got the X-masses out racing, it showed a lot of positive flow/design.  Next year as it gets tweaked, I figure its only going to get better.  Negs?  no water.  We are lucky that there was no mud.  Mud+cross-means must wash.  So figure in the added cost of a water truck, wash station.  I know that it is expensive to put on a race, but its more costly to put on a poorly supported race.  

Fairhill Cx 10 from David Lowe on Vimeo.

I like the team tent idea, and $25 is reasonable price, and a good way to raise funds for the race.  Our team tent was full all day, of friends, team mates, competitors and dogs.  Warming up, tinkering on their bikes, drinking, eating, and just good spirits shared.

Whimsical,  I like a day where you battle with friends, you drink with your friends.   MAC cross, just must be in its blood,  seems so easy, to show up, race hard and have a good time.   Thanks and Cheers, dlowe.
I'm off to bike nerd HQ,  flying to CO to visit Chad and Anna, and get a bit of bike riding in and maybe some cold muddy cross racing at the USGP fort Collins. 

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