Ginger Snap!

I'm up, and the clock said "5:45" when I rolled outta bed.  By choice, I'm up.   I've long grown past the need for sleep, or a concern for when or how long to stay in bed.  A day like this, I'll get a nice early afternoon nap in.       Not working today.  Most peeps around are crisped, burnt toast, from racing and training.  Not I.
This week has been on the Mtbike, cross bike, and today another Ginger Snap ride; on the road bike.   To combat the fatigue I mix in the easy friends rides.   The snaps, a bag full in the jersey pocket, to share, along with the wonderful banter and coffee, the sit time after the pedaling.   

Yesterday George, Anthony and I awoke early.  They both pedaled up with a bit of crust, some attitude, bed headed attitude.  I had already had two cups of black Joe, so my mouth was off and running.   The bikes and cool air soon had them joining in.   Cross ride: Drop in at Belmont, trails, bridge over the river Schuylkill, the Jeff Appeltans trail, some photo opts. pathathlete/scowlly commuter trail, Ginger Snaps and Coffee!  

still, more friends to ride with, more trails, roads, doughnuts, coffee, snow, booze, nights, cold and rain ahead.    I look at my legs  "cheers legs".     There must be some velodrome inside my skull, with the bikes just going round and round, I am a bit batty about the bike.   Cheers Friends, eat up, please eat some more!  d.lowe

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