tv out the hotel room window

I'm having a private party here at the house.  Just me and the kitties.  It appears that the season, ah my love, cylcocross racing, the season is done.

and just a bit of dirty nasty noise to motivate the tipping back of the cold rye beer, good rye beer from Jeff  Appeltans.

        some   "Ass Worship"  from the outstanding Lullabye Arkestra.

It was a great racing day, not epic in anyway, but drooling hard and soul touching.   Just racing my friends, well the ones that made it.  We duked it out, a kick to the groin, slap to the back of the head.  Rolling on the ground tearing up your Sunday clothes day.

yep, that's me on the wee little box.   

Cheers,  what do I do now, just ride my bike for fun?   dlowe.

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