I like M. Night.    judge him by his latest works?    Rubbish, yes, some, a lot.  He needs to move to Pulp, the dark soul of Philadelphia and take advantage of all the evil that lives so near to him.  The ugly beating human heart of Philadelphia.

my Video.  Lo-fi Media presents:

Fort Collins Cx usgp '10 from David Lowe on Vimeo.
"Night" mix. a homage to Shyamalan

the new Kieth Richard's book "Life" is sucking me in, its good, one where your mind is blanked and you just absorb the words.   I am into it a couple of chapters, its unexpected, the simple humanness, soul is full, frank.   a good stuck in an airplane seat read.  

National Champ?  a time trial qualifier?  what I feel is the real soul of cross is the unpredictable, instability of its nature.  The only fair way to have a Cross TT is to build an indoor track and let the old peeps go at it.  Otherwise, you've got a dull knife in your hand and you are cutting the heart out of what it means to be a racer.   Just do the rankings on points, earned during the season.  Simple, fair.  Cheers, dlowe.

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