being naive, not knowing what you are doing, but you are into it, enthusiastically into it, a bit of a wild child, it gives you a strength.   Cause you don't play by the rules, in fact, you don't even know you don't know the rules,  but you are playing the game .
In wrestling, I was a donk.  I didn't know how to wrestle, spasmodically, I went at it whole heartedly.  When my opponent went for a single leg take down I'd inadvertently kneed him in the head.  I'd end up getting some kind of back points with some contorted grappling hold.  My coach had a knack, and just let me go at it, not trying to break me, I did a OK.

I like to look at riding the bike as riding a bike.  They are all about the same, two wheels, some pedaling, a comfortable position, and the ever important, overly unimportant equipment choices.  Road, club, town line, Wednesday workout, grass track, playing some chicken on single track, bumping down the mountain, ITS ALL GOOD.   I wish I could BMX, track, Ramm. or tour dirt tow paths, cherry pickin' goat paths.   I've got a long riding life ahead of me, I hope.  So If I'm a donk. A OK.   

Cheers friends, dlowe.

Beacon- The first lap I undercontrolled my bike, but I'd just let it go.  It took me a bit to stop two wheeling loose cornering it, with the tires, one pointed right and the other sliding left, waiting to grab.  It'd grab and I'd pedal as hard as I could.  It was nice and fast, I could of done a lot of things better.  My dismounts in the sand were sloppy, twice coming to a stall and having to climb off and get around the bike and get the run going.  Went good more.  Need more "good" speed.   

HPCX.   bout the same, that hill kills me, and I gapped the rights off infront of me, me not holding on tightly to the rope.  They slipped away from me and I ended up battling my mind to fight to keep my speed.  Assed my tire off the rim, stupidded it to the pit and chased like a blind snake, but came up short to the line, and just gasped instead of getting a bite.

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