petite coquette

 I flew over Philly last night.  In my return from Boulder.  The sun was just getting below the horizon, setting.
             the dots of lamps outlined the roads and houses, the red dots, lines of cars brake lights.

I recognized the dark sensual areas.
the trees.
thick and bunched in trimmed zones.

 I pulled my cross bike from the cardboard travel box.  Knocked off the last of the Boulder/Fort Collins dirt.

 This day, the land was full of color.  My trails, full of wild smells, slippery and very unpredictable.
 A long cross ride, alone. 
 I don't believe in God, or heaven, I don't want an after life.  If I try hard enough, its all here for me now.
a toast to my soul mates, to all... cheers. dlowe.

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