Sweet Nothingness (panino)

If you are needing motivation, you won't find it hear.  My car is full of wheels, tools, trash; race relics.  The kitchen counter, dirty dishes.  The bed is unmade.  I sit here typing in a damp kit, with a half drank bottle of coke and the foil that once wrapped a pepper and egg bread.

I've lost that blankness, the warm blanket that  just recently coddled my brain.    3.5 hrs of riding.  a gray day to ride.   A bit of drizzle, not enough to soak me, enough my body could warm and steam in a bit.  A chilly fall day.
The bike path is mindless, maybe a dozen times you have to look for cross traffic.  My legs just pedaled, cruise controlled right about 20.3  I tried to think, gave up on it, and felt lucky to be so brain activityless.
The most pressing thought came on the way back into town.  Of eating a pepper and egg bread, in the bakery.  Maybe sitting on some milk crates, floor dusted floor, heat from the ovens.  
I stopped, nice chat, Marchiano's is such a nice place, and pocketed the bread.  Rolled to main st. bagged a ciabatta and some crack rolls, and a coke.   Zipped it all up inside the rain cape that I had stuffed in a pocket. (shouldn't those pockets on out kits have a special european name).

  got home and just pealed it all off. chewed my bread, and came back from that; awful nice, sweet nothingness time.   Like a boxer answering to a 10 count. 

no music, I tried but nothing seem to play well with the theme.   ah life, the real world. I'm here, again. dlowe.

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