bad Brained

I'm drinking a beer that's so black when I hold it up to the light I can't see through it.   Its 5:33 and I feel a nice easy buzz.   Nice.

DarrlyJenifer.  Sir.
                       Bigger than life, some things feel more than this shell I reside in.

Saw the Bad Brains at the black cinder block box of City Gardens, in the audience I felt a bit intimidated.  and disConnected.  A white suburban Ohio kid.  I was amazed by the depth of power embedded in the music.  I still think "incredible" while I listen to them.  The power in the music moved me past thinking, I was in-vibe-ed.   I stood at the edge of a turmoiling boiling skanking pit, and stared wide eared.  I needed that music, to motivate me, a courage of not belonging. Now so many years later, nourished and enriched by my youth, I try to not deny my adolescence, but to rekindle it.  To now understand what that power was that I felt.    To use it in a purposefully way, not like a missonary, I've got no gospel to spread.
its For my Id.    that's it, ...enough of the bombastic seminar. 

a bit of early work today, a lot of coffee, a nice ride and a good beer.

cheers, dlowe.

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