white's music

I've never been to the Tin Angel.  Its on the old punk rock club row, 2nd st, just south off of Market.
I've been to 100's of shows on this block, at the Khyber, and Upstairs at Nick's.  Good good shows.
after all these years, last night, I climbed the stairs up to the Tin,

Jim White "Angel-Land"  from the album "Wrong-Eyed Jesus"

to see Jim White, or the character of himself in this traveling 3 piece band.
2 guitars, bass.  + some loops and drum machine (simple sample, quality sound, not cheese).

a beat up broken in, comfortable backroom, green room,  the empty chair, where I suppose Jim sat thinking before the show.

a story teller, living the past out on the stage, polished grime and pain.   A nice dark humanitarian night, sitting by myself at my table in this shotgun room, occasionally making my walk  to the back of the room bar, a soft chat with the pleasant lady tender, and some dogfish ipa.

and his demons, and the deeds, lessongs of  the past, live on in the mind, the stories, in the songs.

Its not noon here yet.  I've got to fold my laundry and some chores.  I'm looking out these 2nd floor windows, at all the yellow, red, brown and green leaves.   A nice cross ride through the hills of Gladwyn should set the soul a fire this afternoon.

cheers, d.

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