Monday- Henri Cartier-Bresson

ha, I fooled myself, Monday was just Monday, I left Sunday sitting in an office chair with a couple of empty beer bottles.

When I find things, like most people, I get so enthused, that I can't help but babble on about it.  I try to edit myself and maybe send out one maybe two emails announcing the new incredible influence in my life.   and this short documentary, it comes at a time, when I've been thinking about chance, and planning.  and giving yourself the opportunity to, to grab at it.   and I love the study, the little details.

for me, this is grand, in a lot of ways, of life.

I'm over yesterday,  I'll keep punching Joe, I'll keep slogging away, and learning the way I learn, and trying hard, maybe I'll finish every race the rest of my life in 14th place.  Fuckin' A,  that's still great.

Cheers!  d.

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