at some point this season, I need to start holding myself accountable.  That point was last Saturday.
Townhall Cross.  I'm great off the line, the majority of the time, back to the 4th row, I can weasel a hole shot.  When I'm on.

Not this time, and making mistakes, its not acceptable, no.   I clipped-in and went  dead center, the stupid line, into deep, come to a stop sod.  Passed by many, swamped.   I had to race forward, passing more than getting passed.  But where I mighta been breaking into the top 10 I was fighting for 13th-15th.  

I've got to seize the moment, the best I can. No shrugging my shoulders, I let myself, my hardwork, and my few skills down, and made the race harder for myself than it needed be.

advice, I was working on a movie, with a bit to learn, doing the dolly, and the Key Grip a good bloke came to me, whilst I was moving the dolly about, not during a shot, and gave me a short few words. To always move the dolly as if you are doing a shot.  What he meant was, get in the habit of doing it right.  To always try to hit your marks, even when its not important.  and, when and  if you get a chance at something big, you'll come in a little better prepared.   Sometimes in life all the right elements don't happen right,             often, or at all.......  but maybe once.  

Friday morning, I did not have to work, set my alarm for before sunrise.  To get up and take some pictures down on the river trail.   One of the trails I ride on my cross bike, that I look out to the right at the river, and feel a bit of non-discript inspiration.

I got out of bed late, not a concrete subject in mind, not inspired.   and just fished, ...without bait, so I got nothing, notable, in the end.   maybe I might of gotten lucky, but nope it was for me to bring.
The talent.  

umm, sorry, not much.   Is it a waste of time, not really I did get something out of it, mainly to value the effort a bit more, to take full-er advantage of my opportunity.

I took a few pictures at the race.   and despite to my aversion to Auto Focus shooting, I'm learning it.
It seems like cheating to me.

Photography, a good picture, yep you can get it, lucky, but to do it again.   Lots of elements to put together, Composition, the Moment, contrast, exposure, shutter speed, color balance.  

and as technology takes away the chances to make mistakes, to keep it in focus,  the skills will be whittled down to talent, statement.   

If I get a chance, I want to make the most of it, ... racing, photography, friends,

and not miss it.
cheers, d.

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