my friends sat in the back seat of my car, cold, squeezed in, amongst the extra wheels, tent, tools, trainer and my bag containing my kit, and leg warmers, knee warmers, arm warmers, .... etc....

and all my friends, they rattled like,  a cold case,  shivering like beer bottles.  Well, actually, they were beer bottles.

and I drove home with a scowl.

not cause the course sucked, nope good course,
that something on my bike decided to not operate right, It ran great.
just that I finished 14th, and that 14th was with a bit of luck, cause the pushy guy on the Mtbike donked it in a corner. 

why again 14th?

I've cut back on beer, and have tried to sleep a few more hours a night.  I don't know.

well.   What to do?   I did not take any pictures today, the camera bats are full, the card is empty, so down to see Father Misty.

1st, George stopped by unexpected, nice, hadn't talk in a bit, ended up taking my blinker and a couple of cold ones put into the paninos (panino - the pocket on the cycling jersey in which to carry your sandwich, or ipod, whatever fits).

and on my way to the show,  coming down Spring Garden street.  Two cars were bashed together, and some peeps were walking up to look in at the fresh wreck.  10 speeding cop cars came flying across the intersection, lights flashing.  Two more pulled up to the bashed vehicles.  My light turned green and I drove a couple of more blocks made a U-turn and a right on Percy.  I like to park across from the shooting range.

I have not been to a show, where a man, seemed to many, in the audience, to by possessed with such sex appeal.  and its been awhile, since I've seen a groupie, and the show  it sounded like the album.  With good bit of relaxed banter between songs.   It reminded me of a band that plays the big State Fairs, back in the old days.  I enjoyed.     Mr. Misty preformed.  I got back in my car.
and its Sunday night. Almost monday.

I'm not quite satisfied with today,  I, am not through with it.  and I think despite going to bed and waking up and it being Monday,  Sunday is still going to be with me.

Cheers, d.

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