the Dickens

went out on the cross bike today for a longer ride.   I rode up some of the power line trails, overgrown and steep.

this one drops me in behind the horse stables and rings that I sometimes throw into a ride.

My Grandmother Snider use to say that     "...blank.... scared the Dickens out of her...".

I never really put it together to mean really anything much, but a pleasant scare, with a bit of laughing at yourself mixed in.

and at this stable, there are a bunch of differnt pastures and horses,  a pond and a great side of a hill top view.

well a while ago I road up the steep drive, coasted to a quiet stop in the shade of a tree and propped my road shoe into the bottom board of the fence.  Just listening to music, watching the horses.

and I hear under the music, someone yelling at me, "you can't ride bicycles up here",  I ignore it, like I can't hear it.   but it insist of continuing.   I turned and pulled the ear buds.  The old women on a horse, 150 yards in the other field, yelled louder, "your bikes scaring the horses".  ???

I said to her, "oh I am?... I'm sorry, I was just enjoying the view".  I gave a hand to the brim of my helmet, and a slight tip, nod. Clipped in and pedaled away.

that has not stopped my from pedaling my bike up there every so often,  and I've been lucky enough to have some more interactions with the Old Horse Lady.

each time I act like I don't realize she is yelling at me, and each time I try to come up with something new.  "Oh I'm sorry Its such a pretty view, I couldn't help but stop."  and   "just had to stop, I love the smell of horses so much".    "its a bit hot out,  .....(drawn out pause)....  just needed a bit of a break in the shade".

there are a few teen girls that ride, I think they are a bit bored riding in the rings, and I don't think they take the horses out on the powerline trails,  much to missing out of some fun for the horses.  So I think the gals get a kick outta my antics.  I gotta find out the names of the horses.  next time the old lady yells it'd be nice to reply,  "oh just giving Sally a carrot".

I think horses have a bit of a sense of humor,  why else do we have the term Horsing Around?

Cheers!  d.

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