happy w/home bound

I have a couple of friends, that I really don't see much at all.   Facebook keeps me in contact.

Today I got out on a nice simple cross ride, and made the time to take a few pictures, a beautiful day, that I would of missed if I didn't ride.
I like that my friends put up simple post of the things, that bring them  a bit of joy, they take a simple snap of, and post.

Its not a big deal, but I feel the connection,  my love of riding, includes my love at looking at the landscape I ride by.   The weather, seasons, night, day, wind, all make for different landscapes.

this is from Jack Herr, a golfer in San Fran:

and a work friend, with a passion for photography in Fla. a bit of a biker
I like when people show there passion, just simple, in a not bragging way.  its sorta sharing the experience, the joy, moment.  and I find it motivational to get out there for more myself.

cheers, d.

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