slept in a bit Sunday and did the class younger at Cooper River Cross.   A new race, just across the river from Philly.
got a good start, and hung about 8-14th drifting towards the high number towards the end of the race,  with a 14th my place at the end.  Beat out for the higher finish, but I was suffering just to hang on, and got more outta myself than I thought I had.  
The race was well run, loose Jersey loomie soil, lots of natural trees for corners.  The course was stretched thin between a bike path/parking road and the river.  Well run, real nice race.
a nice bit of two low steps to ride up,  I heard many a rear wheels not lift and pound it.
not many had the skills to lift and clear them nice.
Nice to watch it be done smooth, with the flowing suppleness.

stayed and helped with tearing down the course.   Nice to walk about, and look at the winding paths, the lines, without the tape and post there.  
cheers, d.

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